The Power and Necessity of Focus

If you’re married, do you remember when you and your spouse were dating? Do you remember how much time you spent together, nurturing the relationship, building intimacy and trust over months and years? What you were doing during that time was concentrating your focus on the relationship, and you built it from the ground up as a result.

You were highly motivated to grow a close and intimate relationship with another person and put all other potential mates to the side in the pursuit of the one to whom you are now married. You succeeded in creating that relationship because of your intentionality and focus on one person exclusively.

This same principle applies to our financial lives. When we intentionally and intensely focus on something, it will move. If we want to see great gains in our finances, we need to focus on it, and not merely let it roll along randomly with little or no goals and guard rails.

Chris Hogan recently discussed the importance of focus on his radio show. He transformed the word focus into a powerful acronym:


F: Follow a plan

O: Overcome obstacles

C: Coachability

U: Understand what’s at stake

S: See the goals

Listen to Chris’s monologue below.

What we focus on is what will move in our lives. Apathy and neglect will cause stagnation and regression. That applies to the social, emotional, physical, and financial components of our lives. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every single time.

If you’re looking to get focused on your finances, let’s talk about it. I’ve helped people in a wide variety of circumstances and would be glad to discuss your situation and desired goals! Schedule your free Discovery Session to see how you can achieve the freedom you’ve been looking for.

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