Student Loans Are the Only Way to Pay For College?

Let’s face it folks: no matter who you are, it’s easy to see that the student loan situation is simply out of control. (Well, unless you’re Sallie Mae or Navient).

Those goons aside, most any sensible person sees the nearly $1.6 trillion in student loan debt as something that needs a solution right now. Part of the problem is figuring out how to make that number stop growing, and to ensure that education is affordable.

The political aspect of it aside, there is one thing that we can control at all times: our decisions. We have the ability to say no to the student loan insanity and take a different path.

The culture says there is no other option, that the only way to get a college education is to go tens of thousands of dollars in debt for any degree you want, and it will somehow all come together after you finish that program.

Well, if that was the case, we probably wouldn’t be talking about a student loan crisis, would we?

So here’s what we can do. The leader in the charge against the student loan crisis right now is Anthony ONeal, one of the newest personalities at Ramsey Solutions. In October, he released his new best-selling book Debt-Free Degree and it is an absolute hit!

In the book, he details how it is absolutely possible to go to college without debt in America. Contrary to what the media say, you don’t have to sign up for indentured servitude. The options are not limited to ignorance or bondage.

Anthony is touring across America showing families a counter-cultural narrative. You can be a part of something better and reject the lies that have been perpetrated for decades.

Ready to learn how? Pick up a copy of his book right now to ensure that your child will get a degree the smart way. Both you and your student will be glad you did!

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