Case Studies

I have worked with people who have had a wide variety of unique circumstances. Here are just a few examples of clients* whom I have helped get on a better track for their future.

John and Grace

This couple came to me looking for help paying off student loans. As newlyweds and recent college graduates, the two of them held about $40,000 worth of student loan debt, along with a personal loan of several thousand dollars. John and Grace felt like it would take a long time to pay off these debts, upwards of 4-5 years. They were unsure how they would be able to pay off this amount of debt.

The three of us sat down and ran through their numbers during several sessions. After we got a clearer image of their situation and walked through some strategies to more aggressively attack their debts, they realized that becoming debt-free was not 4-5 years away, but closer to 18 months.

I worked with John and Grace to identify additional ways of earning money, cutting expenses, and setting goals. Thanks to our sessions, these two are well on their way to becoming debt-free, setting aside an emergency fund, and saving for a house. In the future, the two of them would love to travel, and possibly get additional education. After working through several coaching sessions, they will be able to do these things and refrain from going back into debt.


Aaron came to me looking for ways to handle money in smarter ways. He already had almost no debt, just a small balance on a credit card, but was in the process of transitioning into graduate school for a master’s degree.

We sat down and worked together on a plan for him to get rid of that little bit of debt and get into his master’s program without taking out any loans. I sent him some resources with opportunities for college scholarships, encouraged looking for jobs to pay for basic expenses and tuition, and carefully budgeting his anticipated monthly income.

After we sat down, he not only had a plan to tackle his master’s degree but also had a solid emergency fund in place should something fall through with work or scholarships. Along with these immediate steps, we also discussed long term goals like saving for a house, retirement, and for when he gets married. Aaron is well on his way to becoming a very wealthy and generous man.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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