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I am a financial coach in the Hampton, VA area. My designation is Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. I regularly work with people across the United States and in my home state of Virginia. I also provide my coaching service in-person locally in the city of Hampton.

I teach the program developed and promoted by Dave Ramsey known as the Baby Steps program. This plan has helped millions of people, myself included, get out of debt and get control of their financial lives.

Coaching Services

These are the following areas that I can help you in:

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Getting further into debt? Do you feel like you are on a downward trajectory? If so, you’re not alone in feeling that way.

I have helped many people get control of their financial lives. If you are looking for financial guidance, you should schedule with me, your money coach in the Hampton Roads area.

With me, there is no conflict of interest. Other financial planners and advisors make their living on commissions from financial products. They have an incentive to recommend products that they make the most commission on or get you to buy and sell frequently.

But I am a financial coach and not a financial advisor. I coach and teach you in the best ways to control your money and finances so that you actually have money left at the end of the month. There is no conflict of interest because as a financial coach, I am not selling products like investments or insurance.

Why Do You Need a Coach?

Why not just figure it out on your own? Schools don’t teach enough about handling your finances. Many parents fail at this, too. That leaves many people in a bad position to take control of their financial lives. Even if you study economics in college, you may cover economic theory, but not how to operate financially day to day in a successful way.

The world’s top athletes have coaches, both team and individual coaches so that they can compete at the highest levels. You can save a lot of time and aggravation by having a trained financial coach like me guide you. A coach can also push you to do better and stay on course in a way that most people can’t do for themselves. Think about how much harder you work if you have a deadline at work and your boss is counting on you to get it done.

Are money problems causing friction in your marriage? Money fights and money problems are leading causes of divorce in America. While I am not a marriage counselor, getting your finances under control can take significant stress and pressure out of a marriage, as well as reduce the stress in your life generally.

Not knowing how to handle your finances is nothing to be ashamed about. Our culture has simply assumed we can competently handle our money and allowed us to do as we pleased. But the fact of the matter is that many Americans are struggling because of a lack of financial literacy. That’s what my coaching service is to help with.

I am Here to Guide You in a Safe Place.

When you work with me, you work in a judgment-free zone. There is no condemnation for bad financial decisions—only hope for a better future. As your money coach, I am here to teach you the things that no one else has taught you before. As a result, you will do things you’ve never done before.

Learn how to budget and plan so you can take that vacation or buy something and not have to worry about paying it off over a long period of time. By following a debt reduction plan, you can eliminate monthly payments to creditors and pay yourself instead.

How much more stress would it take off of you to build up a reserve to be able to handle emergencies? It might be hospital bills, loss of a job, or something else. Most Americans have very little to fall back on and are in almost immediate trouble if something unforeseen happens.

What Will I Get Out Of This?

By getting things under control, it will also improve your financial and mental health. It will give you more options and make things like buying a car or a house much more attainable.

You may have a business that could use a business financial coach. Many people know their trade, start a business, but have no experience running a company. Coaching can help you increase your profits, plan better for expenses, and grow the value that you provide to your customers.  

I have worked with many dozens of people over the years and have helped them achieve the financial freedom they have been longing for. You can have that same freedom, too, and my coaching service will help you accomplish that.

If you live or work in the Hampton, VA area and are ready to get control of your finances, book a Discovery Session today. This is a one-hour meeting to find out what your situation is, identify the source of your financial difficulties, and discuss a plan to move you forward. For people in other areas of the country, select the virtual option and we’ll meet at a time that’s convenient for you.

I am excited for the honor and privilege of serving your family!

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