Employee Financial Wellness Program

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You’ve worked hard to build your business. And you’ve worked hard to have a workforce that furthers your mission. But your employees aren’t robots—they have their own lives with stress and anxiety that hinders productivity. Their financial difficulties hurt your bottom line. That’s where my employee financial wellness program can help.

The data are clear: financial stress at home negatively impacts job performance. Here are some key points that show the true cost of your workforce’s financial stress.

  • Financial stress leads to nearly half a trillion dollars in lost productivity each year.
  • Nearly 70% of employees experience significant financial stress at home.
  • Financially-stressed employees lose 23-31 days of productive work days per year. They are also twice as likely to look for a new job as financially stable employees.
  • Mental and physical health detriments result from financial stress, including being significantly more likely to:
    • Suffer from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks;
    • Be unable to finish daily tasks and have an overall lower quality of work; and
    • Have difficulty sleeping, leading to a loss of focus during the work day.

The cost of employee financial stress has increased to nearly $2,000 per employee in 2023. You and your employees work too hard to see this money go to waste.

How an Employee Financial Wellness Program Can Help

An employee financial wellness program is different than a 401(k). While a retirement plan offers a way to build a long-term nest egg, it does not help employees in their everyday lives.

But a financial wellness program helps them take control of their day-to-day finances. This program is a way to empower your workforce to make better financial decisions every day and to achieve financial freedom.

Research shows that between 67% and 74% of employees want some type of help with their personal finances. With that level of openness, it’s especially important that the guidance they receive is credible and free from product-pitches that many financial institutions like banks may push.

With my employee financial wellness program, your employees will receive detailed guidance in foundational financial literacy and behavior modification from an experienced financial coach. And the entire program will be free of conflicts of interest, as the objective is empowering your workforce instead of selling something to them.

What’s in the Program

My program has three main components: a financial wellness survey, comprehensive workshops, and individual financial coaching.

  • Workforce Survey: This anonymous questionnaire will help us understand how financial stress is affecting your employees’ productivity. The survey will have a before and after component. Overall scores will be compared after completing the other aspects of the wellness program. Odds are you’ll be surprised just how much profit you’re missing out on due to employee financial stress.
  • Workshops: These interactive presentations cover personal finance in a comprehensive and relatable manner. Topics include budgeting, paying off debt, insurance, retirement planning, paying for college, and more. Workshops can encompass my standard presentations, or be customized to your workforce’s unique needs.
  • Individual Financial Coaching: This is the main component that will make a difference for your workforce. Your employees work with me in private sessions to create the structure for success. These confidential sessions provided in conjunction with the workshops can better equip your workforce to start making good financial decisions. And your employees can continue working with me after these wellness sessions for an even greater impact.

Program Benefits for You as a Business Owner

Imagine never having another employee ask for an advance on their pay, taking out a 401(k) loan, or even cashing out their 401(k) early to pay the bills. My employee financial wellness program offers you that solution.

By making an investment in the wellness of your workforce, you will accomplish three main things.

  1. Show your employees that you care. All of the people that work for you have their own hopes, dreams, struggles, and obstacles. By offering them a means of handling their salaries effectively, you show them that you want their whole family to be fully well. In turn, your employees will care for your business because you have taken care of them.
  2. Nurture a more engaged and productive workforce. This means your business will become far more profitable. By having fewer financially-stressed employees, there will be fewer sick days taken. When employees come to work, they are more engaged and have a greater capacity to take on new projects to get the revenue coming in. Their success at home means success for your business.
  3. Attract and retain new talent. Compensation alone is no longer sufficient to have the best workforce. In the days of the Great Resignation, prospective employees want to know they are truly valued where they work. Having an employee financial wellness program offers applicants an attractive benefit that encompasses more than just salary, but also the guidance to use it effectively.

Free Your Workforce from Financial Stress

Don’t allow employee financial stress to weigh down your profitability. Help them become more holistically well by providing my program as an employment benefit.

By investing in them with this financial wellness program, you will see your workforce become more productive, engaged, and confident.

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