Personal Finance Workshops and Classes

As a financial coach, I don’t only work with individuals one-on-one. I also host personal finance workshops and classes to help groups of people learn more about how to handle money and create wealth. These events are a great way for a group to get an overview of a specific financial topic.

In these financial literacy workshops and classes, I will do things like host an activity, give basic resources to help attendees get started, and ask the audience questions to make things engaging. I also often raffle off prizes.

These workshops can be for any group setting, ranging from in-home family finance workshops to specialized guidance for people working in unique industries. The most important aspect of these special events is that they are custom-tailored to your venue’s and audience’s needs.

I have several personal finance workshops that I can present at any time, but I can also create a customized class. Even my standard courses will touch on topics that affect almost everyone, though.

Pricing for my personal finance workshops and classes varies according to what you need for the event. To discuss setting up a workshop or class with me, please reach out using the form below. We will talk about what you need and determine how I can best serve your audience!

To do a workshop for your business, please use my Employee Financial Wellness programs page to book a consultation with me.

Personal Finance Workshop Inquiry

Note: I will need sufficient notice if you require a custom presentation. Please reach out to me as soon as possible if you want a special workshop.

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