“What Does A Financial Coach Do?” and Other FAQ’s

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Got questions about what a financial coach does? The process, experience, affordability? I’ve got answers.

What does a financial coach do?

What are your qualifications?

What exactly can you do for me?

Why would I need a financial coach?

I feel hopeless. Paying even the most basic bills is a struggle. Can you even help me?

I want to change our financial habits, but my spouse is not on board. Can you help me with this?

Do you do sessions in-person or remotely?

Financial Peace University classes

How is this different from Financial Peace University?

Do you have any sort of guarantee that this will work?

Why are your fees not listed on your services page?

I need other services in addition to financial coaching. Do you have any recommendations?

The most common question: What does a financial coach even do?

One of the most common questions about financial coaching that I get is about what I do. To put it simply, I help you achieve a radical transformation that impacts your family for generations.

As a coach, I am an objective third-party with no vested interest in your decisions who looks at your situation as a whole and identifies why you are experiencing financial troubles. I also help people who are doing well with money to do even better by providing suggested adjustments to make their money work harder for them. (See the difference between a financial coach and a financial advisor here).

As your coach, I do not take control of your money, but rather ask deep questions about your financial mentality and practices. I help you with your budget, paying off debt, establishing an emergency fund, paying for college, saving for retirement, communicating with your spouse, etc.

But ultimately, I am here to help you radically transform your life by helping you become a powerful and independent decision-maker.

What are your qualifications?

I took Ramsey Solutions’ Financial Coach Master Training in 2018. This course trains coaches to identify the root of financial issues and provide solutions that will treat the true issue and not merely the symptom. Whether it’s budgeting, paying off debt, dealing with collectors, saving for emergencies, setting goals, or wealth-building, I’ve been equipped to help you make the best decisions to achieve your financial goals.

Additionally, I graduated Cum Laude from Regent University School of Law in May 2022 and passed the bar exam later that year. My skill set as an attorney helps me guide you in critical problem-solving. I have an extensive knowledge base that helps me identify potential issues on your financial journey so you can avoid them before they happen.

I am also practicing the Baby Steps program myself, so I am thoroughly familiar with the process on a personal level. I am also constantly looking for new information and ideas that I can put into practice for myself, and pass on to my clients.

What exactly can you do for me?

My job, as a coach, is to be your guide along the path toward your financial goals. There are ultimately three objectives that I have whenever I meet with a client: Understand your situation, provide information, and inject hopeI will help you create a high-performance plan for you to achieve your goals, and will act as an accountability partner to keep you striving toward those goals.

Why would I need a financial coach?

The best of the best always work with a coach. Everyone can use some guidance at one point or another in their lives. Even if you are debt-free, odds are there are some areas where you could make every dollar you earn work just a little bit harder. It’s difficult to see the blind spots in your own financial situation.

A coach can see those things and help you make adjustments for greater financial performance and success. The world’s top athletes all work with a coach. Top-ranking executives, surgeons, lawyers, etc. all have someone they work with to help them stay at the top of their game.

On the other hand, I also work with people who feel like they don’t know what else to do. Nearly 80% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and feel like there is no way out I help my clients see that there is hope for the future and that tomorrow can be brighter than today.

I feel hopeless. Paying even the most basic bills is a struggle. Can you even help me?

Absolutely! Sometimes situations seem a lot worse than they really are. The problem could simply be an issue of perspective; or, it could be a really dire situation and drastic action is needed. Whatever the situation, I can tailor a plan of action that will help you overcome these obstacles to achieve your goals. It may take some time, and there may be difficulties along the way, but my recommendations will help you work through it.

I want to change our financial habits, but my spouse is not on board. Can you help me with this?

During our initial contact, I can provide some guidance based on your unique situation. However, in order to schedule a coaching session, I generally require that both husband and wife attend together. Only in exceptional circumstances will I deviate from this policy.

The number one cause of divorce in North America is money fights and money problems. If husband and wife are not on the same page, it will inevitably cause problems in your marriage because money is such an important issue in our lives. If you have this type of situation, you can reach out and we can discuss a few ideas to bring your spouse on board, or at least to have him/her attend the session with you.

Do you do sessions in person or remotely?

Actually, I can do either thanks to video conferencing. I work with clients all across America and am based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I prefer to meet in person since we are able to communicate more effectively that way. Body language and facial expressions often speak louder than any words. Because of this, I do not offer coaching sessions over the phone. Our first contact can certainly be by phone call, though. But for Discovery Sessions and coaching sessions, those must be in person or by video conference.

Do you know where there are Financial Peace University classes in my area?

Certainly! FPU is going on at almost all times of the year. Click here to find the nearest class to you.

How is this any different from Financial Peace University?

FPU offers very broad and general principles of handling money. These are the same principles that I teach. The key difference is in the level of detail and customization of guidance.

Think of it as the difference between watching workout videos versus hiring a personal trainer. Yes, the video can offer a lot of great information. But the personal trainer works with you in a dynamic and customized fashion to create a program tailored to your needs and goals. The trainer is able to ask about your goals and customize the program so that it fits your lifestyle and is achievable.

FPU is an awesome course, and I highly recommend taking it. As a coach I offer a level of detailed discussion, application, and accountability that the class alone cannot match.

Do you have any sort of guarantee that this will work?

Nothing is 100% guaranteed in this life. Sometimes there are curveballs thrown our way that throw us off track, even the most goal-oriented people. I cannot promise that everything will go without troubles, difficulties, or setbacks.

What I can promise is that I will provide you with tailored recommendations for your situation that are based on a set of powerful and effective financial principles. Ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat here. You will get out of coaching what you put into it.

This is a process, one that requires dedication and perseverance on your part. I can’t achieve success for you. But what I can do is provide a roadmap for a brighter future.

Why are your fees not listed on your services page?

This question is understandable. We all would like to know what the price for a service or product will be before we consider making payment on it. But for coaching, it really depends on your situation.

Some clients’ situations may require more work, and the investment may be a bit higher because we may need more time and effort to get the results you want. We discuss what the investment will be at the end of a Discovery Session once I understand what you need.

What I will emphasize is that my rates are not based on hours, but upon the results I get for my clients. My average client saves nearly $1,700 per month with my guidance, and my clients as a whole have paid off $2.7 million of debt since I began. I’m good at what I do, and my rates reflect that.

I need other services in addition to financial coaching. Do you have any recommendations?

Certainly! I am always growing my professional directory and will refer you to other high-quality professionals in your area in industries such as legal, real estate, insurance, marriage counseling, taxes and accounting, auto repair, etc.

I work hard to ensure that those who do offer these products and services have the same high standard of service that I do. So I ask that if your experience with someone is not up to your expectations that you let me know so that I can contact that professional to discuss the matter.

Don’t see your question listed? You may reach out to me directly with further questions at any time by call or email.

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