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About Financial Coach Seth Connell

I am a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and recent graduate from Regent University School of Law. I became Financial Coach Seth Connell in December 2018 and joined the Ramsey Preferred Coach program in February 2019. I absolutely love what I do. There are few things that give me as much satisfaction as helping people win with their money.

My Financial Story

Years before “Financial Coach Seth Connell” was on my mind, I was a typical undergraduate student and took out some loans to help pay for school. Thankfully, my parents were able to help me out a bit, and I only came out with about $15,500 for my degree.

Once the six month grace period ended, I started making payments, but only small ones. They were bigger than the minimum, but not as much as I could have done. In the later part of the year, I bought The Total Money Makeover and began to apply its principles to my monthly spending habits.

My wife Olivia and I got married in May of 2017 and we paid for all wedding expenses without any debt. It was difficult, but certainly a relief.

With our combined incomes, we could have done more to pay off debt, but we didn’t initially. Then in September, my car was destroyed in an unfortunate incident and we had to replace it. We made what was, in retrospect, not the best decision and financed a replacement. We put down a big chunk of it, but had another $10,000 to pay off. We figured we’d do it very quickly and it would all be okay.

Well, life had a curveball coming our way. In November 2017 I was laid off from my job and our household income was cut by 2/3. I was underemployed for the next six months.

The irony of this was that we become more intense in our efforts to pay off the car and student loan debt. We made payments of $1,200 to $1,500 each month, and were able to pay off the car in three months thanks to the insurance money and our extra efforts. Then, it was on to my student loans.

From December to June, we paid off the remaining balance of $11,000 even during my underemployment. When we hit that submit button to pay the balance, a load lifted off our shoulders. We felt true financial freedom.

What I learned is that debt does not have to be a way of life. Things can be better, and we are blessed to have found it. Now as Financial Coach Seth Connell, I share that blessing with my clients and absolutely love empowering them to walk the path to prosperity and generosity.

My Professional Background

I grew up on Long Island, New York in a lower-middle-class family. It was just me, my mom and dad, and a few mischievous cats. In 2012 I graduated from Smithtown Christian High School and then went to Regent University for my undergraduate degree.

I graduated from Regent in May 2016 with a B.A. in the Study of Government and a minor in History. While in school, I had the pleasure of serving as student government president for nearly two years and competing in undergraduate appellate advocacy for three years, with two trips to the national tournaments.

I started my financial coaching business in December 2018 to help people win with their money. Nearly 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and this just breaks my heart. I offer a service that will help people of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes to build wealth and have financial freedom.

In May 2022, I graduated from Regent Law School without any student loan debt. I take the Tennessee bar exam in July this year. I will continue serving as coach, but will also be able to provide legal counsel to people who need more complex assistance in their lives.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, let’s get in touch and discuss your path to a brighter tomorrow.

Disclaimer: None of Financial Coach Seth Connell’s services are to be taken as official legal, accounting, or estate planning advice. I am not an attorney, certified public accountant, or certified financial planner. My services constitute teaching practical financial habits and assisting in changing how clients manage their money. I do not make official recommendations for investment options, write wills, process real estate transactions, or offer tax advice. If you need legal, tax, real estate, or investment guidance, I will refer you to a professional in my network.

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