Mission Statement

As a coach, I have set for myself certain guidelines to abide by when meeting with my clients. These principles will guide every decision I make in this practice and will hold me accountable if I do not measure up to them.


I will, in all circumstances, treat each individual client with the utmost respect, and will never seek to berate, belittle, or put down any person I come into contact with. Each person is made in the image of God and is consequently deserving of respect.

Biblical Principles

I will, in all circumstances, conduct myself as a coach according to the standards set forth in the Holy Scriptures and will only offer recommendations and advice that is consistent with the revealed Word of God.


I will, in all circumstances, maintain an honest and open relationship with my clients, referral partners, and myself, and will only do business in ethical ways that do not violate the law of man or the Law of God.

Positive Mentality

I will, in all circumstances, maintain a positive and constructive attitude with my clients, and will work to build up a similar attitude with everyone who signs up for a coaching session.

Client-Centered Approach

I will, in all circumstances, tailor my advice and recommendations so that they are in the best interests of the client. I will only share information that is relevant and useful for achieving my clients’ goals and will do so to ensure that my clients’ needs are set before my own.

Client Independence

I will, in all circumstances, seek to set my clients on a path that will set them free of dependency, including dependence on their coach. It is a disservice to keep a client dependent on my coaching sessions, and in the allotted times we meet, I will work thoroughly and consciously to help my clients ensure that they will ultimately not even need my services.

Client Confidentiality

I will, in all circumstances, keep the identities and circumstances of my clients in the utmost confidence, and will consciously and proactively work to protect any data retained from coaching sessions. I will never take bank login information, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, nor any other identifying information by electronic means to ensure that my clients’ information will not be breached through any device in my possession. When clients share numbers in their personal finance snapshot, this information will be kept confidential between the coach and the client, and will only be released upon lawful court orders.

Living Out My Teachings

I commit myself to uphold and follow the very things that I teach my clients, that I may teach not only by my experience but also through my integrity and trust in the process.

Debt-Free Services

I will not accept delayed payments from clients, as this constitutes debt. I teach my clients to stop borrowing money, and it would be hypocritical of me to provide a service but to take payment later. For the sake of consistency in my principles and teachings, I commit to only taking payment up front for coaching services and to never place a client in a position of debtor to me.


I commit myself to growing a professional network of reliable counselors, attorneys, mechanics, insurance agents, investment advisors, real estate agents, pastors, and other high-quality people to send my clients to for their other life needs. I will ensure that these entities are trustworthy people, that I have met with them in person and established a relationship, and that I personally would use their services were I in need of their product.

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