Financial Coaching Client Testimonials

client testimonials

I always strive to serve my clients with the highest quality of service possible. Check out some of the testimonials my clients have provided on Facebook, Google, and Yelp regarding their experiences.

You can have these results too! These testimonials demonstrate the power of my guidance. If you don’t believe me yet, believe what my clients have to say!

Working with Seth was great! He helped my husband and me get control of our finances and get motivated to continue. We will be able to use what we learned from Seth for a lifetime. If you are on the fence about getting a financial coach, get one! Seth is a very good option for those looking to figure out how to navigate the way forward in their finances but need some outside help.

– Emily & Nick, Virginia Beach, VA

We highly recommend that all people get a financial coach, and we highly recommend Seth to be your coach. We tried financial counselors in the past, but they tried to sell us insurance policies and buy investment plans. But Seth did none of that. He coached us and helped get our finances under control. He definitely helps a married couple get on the same page and shooting toward the same goals. Not only is he a great financial coach, he has a sound spiritual foundation and adheres to principles of integrity. He practices what he preaches and graduated debt free from Law School. Great guy.

– Kevin & Sylvie, Raleigh, NC

My husband and I are so grateful we found Coach Connell! We were hesitant about whether or not we should hire a financial coach, but after working with Coach Connell for a few months we know we made the best decision of our lives and we have definitely seen a return on our investment! We appreciate Coach Connell’s professionalism, passion, and integrity. We especially appreciate how we are able to be totally transparent (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and he remains non-judgmental. He offers great wisdom and insight to help us achieve our financial goals. We cannot express how grateful we are for Coach Connell’s commitment, guidance, and expertise as we continue on our journey to financial freedom!

– Melissa & Kenyon, Milwaulkee, WI

“Before I met Seth, I had no idea where my money was going, living paycheck to paycheck, was getting further in debt and felt like my financial situation was helpless. Things were spiraling quickly. I had no control of my finances and the stress of that was a heavy weight on me all the time. After our very first conversation, I finally felt hope. Seth is easy to talk to, trustworthy, and there is no judgment. I have been working with Seth for four months and the confidence I have built around finances has been life changing. This is a process and I understand that healing from my past financial decisions will take time, but I know I can do it. Seth is kind, supportive and calm. He showed me that I can take control of my finances (and my life). His positive guidance has helped me to see how I got to where I was and how I can change (am changing) the bad habits that I have had for years. Our conversations are about money, but he also offers so much more insight on living intentionally and deciding my own fate in all aspects of my life. He is available to me when I’m struggling and to celebrate my victories. I have realized what is truly valuable in my life. The only thing I regret is not finding Seth sooner! If anyone is in need of a neutral person who will hold you accountable and really push you to be the best that you can be, Seth would be my number one and only pick.

– Tracy, Monmouth, NJ

“I’ve been working with Mr. Connell for a year now. He helped me SUCCESSFULLY navigate the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps. During our time together Seth has helped me make sound financial decisions based on fundamental truths about finances and how human beings perceive money. Because of our time together I will always consider money a means to an end. He will obviously give advise but he has also asked thought provoking questions so I could come to my own conclusions. Mr. Connell: Can’t say enough positive comments about him. Personal. professional. Prior to hiring Mr. Connell, I was concerned with the cost of his services. My return on investment with Seth has been significant. I highly recommend Mr. Connell as a financial coach.

– Matt, Norfolk, VA

“If you are looking for a Financial Coach, look no further! Hiring Coach Connell a little over two months ago was one of the best decisions we made to get out of debt and to set our family onto a path of financial freedom. In our first meeting, Seth asked many questions which forced us to be totally honest with ourselves and to uncover our emotional relationship with money. Conversely, he also dared us to discuss our dreams for retirement. This is something we previously only dared to dream of without a true road map on how to get there. Thanks to Seth, our dream is now wholly attainable! Throughout our meetings, there was never any judgement; instead, there was kindness and true concern. Seth gave us guidance to become intentional with our money and truly laser-focused on our goal. How so? The debt we thought to tackle by the end of 2021, we tackled by early March! We only wish we could impart the relief we felt when the final loan was paid off – it was like having an ever-present, invisible, oppressive weight lifted off our shoulders. Currently, we are saving up for a long-term emergency expense and for the first time in our marriage, we are paying ourselves, and not some creditors! Talking about adding some pep to our step! We can highly recommend Seth because he has integrity! He follows biblical principles, he is honest, enthusiastic, supportive, trustworthy and just all around genuine. We cannot thank Coach Connell enough for everything he has done for us!

Claudia & Emil, Virginia Beach, VA

“Seth is a wonderful financial coach. He utilizes biblical principles and genuinely cares about his client’s long term success. His coaching is very practical, and the steps he recommends are customized to fit your needs and situation, instead of some “one size fits all” approach. Seth operates in a very professional and honest manner, and his coaching has literally changed the financial trajectory of my family for generations. I couldn’t recommend Coach Connell more!”

– Van, Virginia Beach, VA

In 2019 after graduating from grad school I set a goal for myself to pay off all of my personal and student debt as quickly as possible. I reached out to Coach Connell for help reaching my goal as efficiently as possible. I was immediately impressed with Seth’s work ethic and genuine concern for my unique situation. I have been working with Seth for 3 months and I have already paid off 9,900 of debt. Having Seth with me every step of the way helping me make my goals a reality is invaluable to staying on track with my plan. I highly recommend reaching out to Coach Connell today!

– Kaitie, Charlottesville, VA

“Looking for some financial guidance/someone who you can work with and seek advice from to make moves towards your financial goals? Our financial coach Seth Connell has been there for us to start our journey! He takes the time to get to know you and your individual financial needs and concerns. I can definitely say that I feel more confident and optimistic with what we want our financial future to look like and believe that it’s possible to achieve it after working with coach Connell. If you need someone to help mentor you and support you in your financial goals and dreams, you should check him out!

– Lee & Courtney, Chesapeake, VA

“I would highly recommend Coach Connell to anyone looking to get right with their budget! He is very professional and we never felt judged by him for our current financial situation, spending habits, and goals which was a breath of fresh air. He is always there to take your call or text if you have issues or need some quick guidance. He has all sorts of great advice and tips on how to spend less on groceries without being miserable and even helped us significantly lower all our bills just by making a few minor adjustments to our home life. I would gladly and easily recommend him to anyone! He has truly helped my wife and I set goals to completely get rid of ALL our debt and doesn’t stop there—he continues to guide you into a better financial future and helps finds solutions to steer clear of future mistakes. We started our first meeting off with tons of credit card and car loan debt and a poor attitude towards budgeting and left that night with excitement and a plan to change the way we live for the better. We will never forget our time working with him because it has truly changed our lives!”

– Nick & Hannah, Norfolk, VA

“Not only is his own personal finance journey inspiring, but Seth’s coaching is also encouraging, specific, totally achievable, and confidence-boosting. We are paying off our student loan debt faster every day just by implementing the attitude change and financial advice that Seth offered. He even went above and beyond to give us extra finance materials that personally helped him along in his journey. Seth’s coaching is personable, relatable, and straightforward. It’s for everyone – from the graduate paying off student loans, the couple saving for a home, or the retiree looking for some inspiration. 

We recommend him and the Dave Ramsey program to everyone that asks us about personal finance. Seriously, do yourself and your family a favor – make a consultation call. You won’t regret it.”

– T.J. & Sarah, Norfolk, VA

“Seth was wonderful and transparent in every aspect when it came down to my financial goals. In our meetings, we were both engaged and came up with many ways to reach these goals. From our first video call, I knew I was getting and honest, knowledgeable, and trustworthy advice about my own personal finance and what to do to strengthen it. What was really special about Seth is that he took the time to go out his way to further enhance the experience with our counseling. I highly recommend that you book a session with him as an advisor for he knows his stuff and he is also a very down to earth individual.”

– Alec, Honolulu, HI

“Seth Connell is a great coach! He got into great detail with me on my finances. He showed me areas where I could cut and gave some advice on how to improve my overall financial situation. He was very friendly and very professional. He really knows his stuff when it comes to financial advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing direction in their life financially.”

– Adam, Denver, CO

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