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Financial Coaching in Virginia Beach, VA

Are you currently living paycheck-to-paycheck? Struggling to pay off your debts? Thinking about how to save for retirement? As your local financial coach, I can help guide you to the place you’ve dreamed of.

I’m here to show you the path to financial peace and freedom. I will show you how to escape the clutches of financial despair and guide you to a place of prosperity and generosity.

I live in Virginia Beach and work with clients throughout the Hampton Roads area, North Carolina, and across the United States.

How Does Financial Coaching Work?

I keep this process simple. First, reach out to book your free Discovery Session. During this one hour meeting, we will discuss where you’re at now and what kind of changes you want. At the end of the session, we then discuss the coaching process and what that will look like for you specifically.

When you work with me as your financial coach, we meet monthly for 60-90 minutes to assess your current situation and identify action steps that will propel you toward your goals. Each session, we track your progress and see how far you’ve come. I make suggestions, ask questions, and give you encouragement.

During our monthly financial coaching meetings, we discuss the following topics:

  • Paying off debt
  • Monthly budgeting
  • Saving for retirement
  • Handling collections agencies
  • Establishing an emergency fund
  • The foundations of wealth-building
  • Finding the root causes of difficult financial situations

The financial coaching process is custom-tailored to your needs. Every household is different and I will work with you in a way that respects your values and priorities.

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Your financial future can look better!

Personal finance can be an intimidating and scary subject. Tens of millions of Americans struggle to pay their bills each month, and many worry that they will not have enough money when they retire.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. As your financial coach, I want to help you realize that there is a brighter way, and my financial coaching services will help you achieve the peace and freedom you’re looking for.

Book your Discovery Session now to start your journey of financial peace and freedom!

Got questions before scheduling? Just use my contact form below and we’ll talk by phone soon!

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