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Webinar: Financial Independence with Coach Connell & CoVA Collective Realty

In light of the COVID-19 economic shutdown and the ensuing financial hardships, I had an idea. I contacted Megan Morris of CoVA Collective Realty and asked about us doing a webinar about financial independence.

We set a date and recorded our conversation about what’s been going on since the shutdown happened in March. As our economy begins to hobble its way back, the focus is coming out of survival mode and back to the bigger picture.

Now is the time for action, and this will give you the steps necessary to get control of your situation. You cam watch our conversation below.

Millions of Americans have been thrown out of work since the government forced many businesses to close, and many are wondering how they’ll pay their bills without having their primary income source.

We discussed this, and more, during our ~20-minute conversation on how to achieve financial independence in light of COVID, and what to do moving forward.

Nearly 75% of Americans plan on taking some sort of financial action after the COVID crisis passes. Are you one of them?

I hope this conversation is helpful for you and your family!

If you’re in the market for buying or selling a house in the Hampton Roads area, be sure to reach out to Megan to discuss your real estate needs. CoVA Collective is a Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for real estate and the team are very good at what they do!

Are you ready to take control of your finances and establish yourself as a financially independent person? Set up your free Discovery Session to see how I can help you make it happen!

Get The Latest Financial Tips!

Get The Latest Financial Tips!

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