Ten Components of a Healthy Financial Plan

A holistic financial plan contains these ten critical pieces. Here is a breakdown of how each helps you achieve wealth and financial freedom.

7 Ways Couples Can Manage Money Better

These 7 practices can help couples manage money better and avoid the common financial pitfalls that are common in America today.

How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions tend to fail. But it doesn't have to happen again this year. Follow this process to make your goals happen.

Five Types of Insurance Everyone Needs; Are You Covered?

Insurance protects against life. These five critical types of insurance coverage will protect against financial adversity.

Three Plans To Help You Pay Off Debt Fast

It may seem like it will take forever to pay off debt. But there are plans to make it happen. These three work, and one of them best of all.

“I’m Paying Off Debt But May Be Laid Off; What Can I Do?”

Being laid off is a huge setback. But it's important to think carefully when you have that fear. Consider this if you have that concern.

The IRS Wants to Spy On Nearly ALL of Your Money Decisions

"Who's watching me now? The IRS?" The rule would require handing over nearly all adults' banking information. What could possibly go wrong?

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