Worried About Your 401k Going Down? Here’s What You Should Do

Odds are you are seeing your 401k and retirement accounts lose some value. To protect your savings, follow this course of action.

Ten Components of a Healthy Financial Plan

A holistic financial plan contains these ten critical pieces. Here is a breakdown of how each helps you achieve wealth and financial freedom.

7 Ways Couples Can Manage Money Better

These 7 practices can help couples manage money better and avoid the common financial pitfalls that are common in America today.

“What Causes Poverty” Is the Wrong Question; Ask This Instead

Our contemporary culture likes to ask what causes poverty. But this question is based on a false premise. Ask this question instead.

3 Reasons To Review Your Free Credit Report Right Now

Your free credit report is a compilation of information about your financial history. The three bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, gather information about your accounts, available credit, credit usage, payment history, and the like. The bureaus take this information and give you your credit score, which lenders use to determine how much you can borrow … Continue reading 3 Reasons To Review Your Free Credit Report Right Now

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