Working with a Financial Coach: What Your Life Can Look Like

work with a financial coach

I work with people from all walks of life. Some are just starting adult life, while others are nearing retirement. Some have a very high household income, some are very low. In the mainstream culture, these factors are often considered dispositive; that’s how it is and your future is fixed as a result. However, when you work with a financial coach, you get counter-cultural results, and your entire world will transform as you take on new habits and perspectives on money.  

So instead of getting the normal mediocre results that most people get, my clients become high-performing, high-impact people who live with a purpose. This manifests in several ways, and each transformation is unique to every single person, because you are a unique commodity in this world. By working with a financial coach, you can make your inner potential manifest in this world.  

What Happens When You Work With a Financial Coach

One couple never did a budget together, and after just one appointment, they realized just how much money they had available. Where it felt like there was no room to make progress, suddenly they had a big shovel with which they could start digging themselves out of debt and working their way to financial freedom.

One young man never received any financial guidance growing up and found himself on his own at 18 years old. After working with me as his financial coach, he learned how to do the foundational things that lead to financial peace and freedom. Whereas his family had lived paycheck-to-paycheck for generations, he is now able to save and invest for his future, and will not be indebted to anyone, ever.

Another couple was unsure about what the Bible has to say about tithing. The wife was led to believe that we are bound to give 10% and that if we do not, we are living in sin. Her family also pressured her into tithing, and she did it more to avoid the condemnation than out of submission to God. While working with me as her financial coach, she realized that while there is not an express New Testament command to tithe, we are strongly encouraged to do so, because everything is God’s anyway and our giving is a sign of submission to Him. As a result, she began to give out of her desire to submit to God rather than placate her family.

One woman believed in passing down an inheritance of character and Godliness to her children, but nothing financially. I shared with her the Bible’s view on the goodness of inheritances and the fact that everything we have, we do not deserve in the first place. The eternal life that God gives to believers is not something we earned nor something we deserve but is a gift out of His sovereign grace. The same principle applies to financial inheritances because though the children did not earn it, the Bible recognizes that it is a blessing to pass along what one generation has created to the next.

A couple had never agreed on how to handle their money in the 10 years they were married. The wife was the saver and the administrator, the husband was the free spirit who liked to spend. This couple likely spent over $1 million in that 10 year period. Upon working with me as their financial coach, they both began to hear the other person’s perspective and formed a plan together for the first time. The stress and anxiety disappeared, and the years of resentment are now being supplanted by loving devotion and a plan both agree upon.

More Than Numbers

You see, financial coaching is more than just talking about numbers. Yes, your budget is important, and paying off debt is a major component of what I help folks do. I also want my clients to have emergency savings, invest for retirement, and pay off their houses. But these things are not my main mission.

My mission as a coach is to deliver a powerful coaching experience that leads to radical, generational transformations. When you work with a financial coach, you develop a relationship with someone who is willing to speak into your life in a way that no one else will, someone who will tell you the things you need to hear to make your life better.

Are you ready for this type of transformation? Let’s get in touch and discuss how I can help you become more than you are today. Schedule your free Discovery Session to radically change your family’s future.

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