Millionaire Mindset: 97% of Them Believe This And It Makes ALL The Difference

millionaire mindset

In Chris Hogan’s recently published book Everyday Millionaires, he wrote about some really fascinating statistics on typical American millionaires. The truth is far from media portrayals. Few millionaires ever hold an executive position, nor are many of them celebrities or professional athletes. Most simply worked hard over their entire lives, stayed out of debt, and invested steadily. That’s the “millionaire mindset.”

It’s not a bunch of risky, fancy, “sophisticated” strategies, using “leverage” (debt) to make risky investments or doing a bunch of single stock trading (though these things do happen on occasion). This equation is really not that complicated, and everyone in America has the ability to make this equation happen in their own lives.

Notice what I said there, that everyone has the ability to make it happen. It can happen, you can make it happen, but it’s not guaranteed in all situations. There’s one particular element that’s needed, the catalyst, to make this chemical reaction take place. And it all boils down to one particular belief.

The Millionaire Mindset Is Strikingly Simple

Do you believe that you are an agent of change in your own life, and that you control your own destiny?

According to Chris Hogan’s study of over 10,000 millionaires, he and his team of researchers found an astounding number of millionaires answered that question in the affirmative. In chapter 3 of Everyday Millionaires, he writes:

A whopping 97% of millionaires believe they control their own destinies. Each one sees his success as being completely up to himself … I, like almost all the millionaires we’ve talked to, control my own destiny—and you do, too.

That discovery is something that ought to make your eyes pop out at least a little bit. What these people believe is most certainly an important contributing factor in their success.

Think about it this way… If you don’t believe you control your own destiny, that everything is rigged against the little guy, and there’s no way to get ahead, will you try to? If all of this is for naught, “the man” is out there to get us, are you going to work as if everything depended upon your efforts? Probably not!

We act upon what we believe. Our actions are rooted in our values system, our worldview, and attitudes. If we want the results that successful people have, we have to start thinking in the ways that they do. In order to become a millionaire tomorrow, you’ve got to adopt the millionaire mindset today.

One of the best ways to do this is to realize that, in spite of the issues present in our society, we still have the ability to control our attitudes and our actions; when we do that, we will act in ways that change the course of our future, good or bad.

What will you choose to do? If you want to get on the road less traveled and get a hold of your finances, let’s talk about how you can develop the millionaire mindset. Reach out today for a free Discovery Session to get started!

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