Coach Connell Launches Into Counseling Families in Personal Finance

coach connell launch

It’s my distinct pleasure to launch Coach Connell’s financial coaching practice as a service to my fellow Hampton Roads residents and people across the country. For quite some time, I’ve wanted to help the people around me succeed with their money, and have finally found a concrete way of doing so by becoming a personal finance coach.

As an avid listener of the Dave Ramsey show, I’ve long been fascinated by the type of conversations he has on the radio with people who want to change their lives. More than six million people have gone through Financial Peace University, and The Total Money Makeover has been a New York Times bestseller for many years now. His listeners have paid off debt by the billions over the past several decades. That’s an impact on a truly profound level.

I’ve shared some of the insight I’ve gained through the program with friends, family, and anyone who would listen (sorry for boring you all sometimes!). Something in me was just constantly pushing to help those around me succeed with what God has given them and I just couldn’t keep it bottled up inside. The idea of a Coach Connell was forming.

At the end of our debt-free journey, my wife and I posted on Facebook that all our loans were paid off and we were celebrating an important milestone in our marriage. When we posted, I kind of hoped that someone might reach out and ask how we did it so they could, too. Sure enough, my wife received a message from someone who attended the same college as we did, and we were able to meet with them and discuss our journey.

When we were talking with them, I felt like I was in a groove; I was sharing powerful information with people who wanted to change their future. I wanted that for them too and zealously shared with them the fact that tomorrow can look much better than yesterday has and today does.

Not long after we met with this couple, I found out about Dave Ramsey’s Master Financial Coach training program and was immediately captivated. I attended the webinars, talked to the coaching coordinators, and discussed the idea with my wife.

After thoroughly thinking and praying about it, I enrolled in the course and began my journey towards becoming a financial coach. This couple is one of my first clients, and I will be guiding them as they pay off a large amount of student loan debt as Financial Coach Seth Connell.

Now here I am, course completed, certificate achieved, and ready to serve my community and others even around the nation who are looking to change their lives forever. I am incredibly excited at what the future holds for me and my clients. I hope that you enjoy and learn from the content on my website and would love to speak with you about your journey!

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