“We Used a Coach…My Cousin Didn’t” – Life With and Without A Coach

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It’s a common question that a lot of folks ask when they hear about the idea of working with a coach: ” Why should I pay someone when I can’t even make payments on some of our debts?” It often seems illogical to add what may seem like “another payment” to your budget. But a financial coach is far more than just another line item: we are a lifeline.

When my clients have expressed concern about working my fees into their monthly budgets, I emphasize the fact that, with rare exceptions, I am able to make it work within the bounds of your current situation. This investment will give you far more value than the price you pay. Take, for example, what one client from another coach had to say about their results with a coach, versus their cousin’s results without a coach.

After working with Coach Justin Bennett for several months, this couple realized the true benefit of a coach’s guidance. Take a look at their testimonial about Justin’s guidance and the power of the program that both he and I teach.

My husband and I never thought we would need financial coaching. We both have excellent jobs and a good education. How could we be in the position to need financial help? We found ourselves struggling every month, and the stress mounted higher each month. It was embarrassing.

We took Financial Peace University Course and it all made sense. So simple. We started the path and did the steps, but we always found a road block. We always found an excuse not to do something or we couldn’t see through our emotions to make the correct decision. While spending ceased and we were able to make some small accomplishments, the struggle still continued.

I have a close cousin that I talk to a lot. She was a business office manager for a company and very successful but when it came to her personal finances her family had the same struggles. I felt a little comfort knowing we were not alone. I told her that we had looked into financial coaching to help get our life on track and I also said we had contemplated cashing in some of our 401K. After researching the consequences of cashing out the 401K, we realized that could make our situation worse in the longer run, but we really wanted a quick fix. My cousin thought it was silly to pay someone to help us create a budget and be accountable. I had to agree; it seemed so silly. I mean a budget should be simple, plus how could I justify to pay someone when I can’t even make payments on some of our debts?!

After talking to our financial coach at our first meeting, my husband and I felt a sense of hope for the first time in a long time. We were excited there would be a plan, and that we would have our own cheering section! Sure, we had to do the work, but the reward would be so worth it.

Needless to say, we hired our financial coach and within 6 months we paid off $12,000 in debt and saved $1,000!!!! We have absolutely no regrets making that commitment! Our decision was even further validated for us when I discovered my cousin and her husband decided to cash out their 401K to pay off debt and relieve some of the stress. While they were able to pay off some debt, the were not able to save any money plus their retirement is now depleted. They spent thousands and thousands, and with our small investment we were able to save and have a solid monthly budget plan to keep us on track with continued success on our road to being debt free!

If you are on the fence about hiring a financial coach, have faith and take the leap! I assure you the benefits go beyond financial, and making another choice will mostly likely not solve the problem – only cover it for a time.     

It’s truly amazing seeing such radical changes in a client’s life. I’ve been working with dozens of people since I started my practice, and there have been more than a few “aha!” moments that have forever changes a family’s future.

Everyone wants the results this couple is having. My clients have a similar experience, as my Testimonials page shows. Imagine being on a track to actually pay off your debts. Imagine money no longer being a source of stress in your marriage. Imagine being able to freely give to those in need and to do so with outrageous generosity.

This, and more, is possible when you work with me as your financial coach. I will show you the steps to take to get where you want to go. My expertise can be applied to a wide variety of circumstances, from needing help dealing with collections agents, to those looking to properly steward the wealth they have created.

Are you ready to take the leap? Are you ready to do things differently? Book your free Discovery Session today to start your journey to financial freedom!

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